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Aunt Flo

April 15, 2019

Lets get real ! Being a female means at some point you’ll get your period.

“Hey it’s been about a month since I saw you last…” Aunt Flo.

It’s inevitable.

I haven’t had my period in what seems like lifetime ago due to being pregnant but I wanted to give some tips for dealing with Aunt Flo (aka your period) since I’m on my period now.

First let’s start with the period tracking apps. I personally don’t like to just get my period without knowing so I use an app to track & project my periods to be prepared….also to not make anymore babies. Lol. No but seriously.

I use Ovia Fertility & Cycle Tracker to track my period. It’s FREE to use so that’s a plus in my book.

Another one is Period Tracker, this app is also free unless you upgrade to Period Tracker Deluxe. I used this app for the longest until I switched over to the Ovia app.

I’m sure there are other great apps but these two are by far my fave.

Let’s move on to period pains and how some of y’all deal with cramps.

I used initials to keep everyone anonymous.





Now some say that getting your period is a right of passage to becoming a woman. To me this seems crazy because I always wanted my period when my friends & sister got theirs; but after I got mine instant regret. Who wants cramps & to be moody anyways ?

I took a poll on my instagram FollowingFalavinha asking my followers “How old were you when you got your first period ?”.

64% said they got their period between ages 10-13yrs old. The other 36% said they got theirs when they were 14-16yrs old.

Y’all also I had 2 male votes in my poll. One of them being my husband (eye roll) & the other my brother in law (so mature).

Also make sure you carry an emergency pad or tampon with you if you’re not tracking your period. Here’s a link for Target for you to shop for you pads, tampons, diva cups, & etc.

How do I like to deal with my period ? Moscato, ice cream, sour patch kids, & movies/netflix.

If y’all have any other suggestions how to deal with your period leave a comment.



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