IBJJF Nola Open 2019

July 8, 2019

Brazilian JiuJitsu.

I’m going to be real honest with y’all….there are days where I absolutely HATE IT but will always support my hubs.

That’s why he competed at this years first IBJJF(international Brazilian jiu-jitsu) NOLA OPEN 2019.

First, this is a big deal because there hasn’t been a tournament held by IBJJF in New Orleans EVER. My hubs wanted to go back and compete in his hometown. Plus I decided it would be nice to see my family.

Y’all he trained consistently hard for this tournament. No days off.

All that training was worth it.

We headed to Xavier University the day of the competition.

In this picture he is getting his mindset ready for his first fight of the day. He is wearing Gameness Air Pro Gi and his Beats headphones.

Y’all when I tell y’all I was nervous…. I mean my legs were shaking because I wanted him do to well.

He won this fight by decision.

Let me tell you guys I was one very proud wife in this moment. I can’t tell you what moves or anything because I don’t know much about Bjj but he kicked ass.

I’m not sure what his Professor Bruno said to him afterwards but I’m sure he gave him some advise, criticism, and congrats after this fight.

His next match was coming up so he went to get back in the zone.

His next match was tough also.

He didn’t win this one but he did great.

Again I was also very nervous but super proud of him for competing. You can say oh I would have done this or that to win but unless you step on the mat you have no room to talk.

My babes got 2nd place.

He was very proud of himself and his hard work. He will continue to train hard and work for that gold medal one day. I will always support his passion. Maybe you’ll see me compete and train with him one day.

Also congrats to all his teammates who competed.

XoXo, Ericka♥

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