Let’s Clean

July 15, 2019

I clean my home just about every day.

I’m super OCD about that.

It makes me anxious when there’s clutter, crumbs on the floor, & dirty dishes everywhere.

I wasn’t always this clean and organized person though.

I used to be super messy.

In the mess I had I was able to find everything. I’m not sure what clicked and made me change my ways but I did.

So I’m going to give you some tips to clean and keep the house organized like I do

1. Bedroom

-Start off making your bed. It’ll make your room look nice. Plus it only takes 2-3 minutes depending on how many decorative pillows you have.

-Put fresh sheets on the bed

-Add a candle/diffuser to keep the room smelling nice

Also here are my fave white bed sheets from amazon that are currently on my bed. Clean and simple is the way to go for me. I do have a million extra pillows though.

my little oasis

-Clean & organize your your nightstand. It will make such a big difference. Plus do you really need all 12 of those empty water bottles there ?

-I like a more uniform closet so I use the same clothes hangers. Go ahead and purge all those wire/plastic hangers

2. Bathroom

-Clean or replace towels & bath mats

-Check expiration dates on medicine and toss them out

-Wipe down the countertops from any toothpaste residue left on the counter

-Clean the toilet weekly. Yes, it is a gross task but it must be done

-Also clean the shower or bath tub

-Organize your bathroom drawers it makes a huge difference, plus I’m sure there are some things you could get rid of

-Clean your mirror from the toothpaste residue also !!!!

3. Living Room

– I personally use the Bissell steam mop to clean my floors and it has been a game changer.

Bissell steam mop I got from the easter bunny

-I need to invest in a blanket basket to hold all the blankets I have on the couch. It would def make my living room look more put together.

-Again I have a diffuser in my living room to keep it smelling nice & fresh

-I also use a serving tray to hold all the controls for the xbox and tv

4. Kitchen

-Clean and organize your junk drawer

-Organize under the kitchen sink

-Pantry: throw out anything expired then organize

-Organize the upper/lower cabinets & drawers

-Wipe down all surfaces

-I can not stress this enough but empty out your refrigerator, wipes down the racks(you’ll be surprised how dirty they are), and throw away anything you haven’t touched that is expired or just been sitting there

5. Misc

-Laundry: organize towels & linens

-Office: shred old receipts & create a filing system

-Office: store photos & memories properly

-Garage: Clean out your car from the 3month old stale pancake your kid left behind and the spilled sticky juice from your leather seats.

Anyways I hope these help you have a clean & organized home. What are your cleaning tips or hacks ?

XoXo, Ericka ♥

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