Chicken Nuggets

August 2, 2019

Can I also get a happy meal with some extra MOM-shaming on the side ?


Y’all the other day one of my friends MOM-shamed me.

The audacity !

I definitely felt some type of way. So here we are with this blog post while Cami and I stuff our face with chicken nuggets & fries. Hahaha.

Enjoying our fries & nuggets

Basically I was MOM-shamed for giving Cami chicken nuggets and fries.

She said “if you don’t give Cami sugar and fast food she won’t ever crave it, plus she’d be healthy”.

You know what, that sounds real lovely.

Let me start by saying kudos to you and your parenting style girl. Go ahead and don’t give your mini-me sugar or fast food. I’m here for it and support you. The most important thing to me is that they are fed.

Okay, you might have rolled your eyes but that was sincere.

Why MOM-shame me though ?

I don’t give her nuggets and fries every day or sugar as a matter of fact. But you know what ? Some days are harder than others. So on those days that I don’t feel like cooking (actually Matt cooks) her a healthy meal from the food pyramid; she gets chicken nuggets & fries. But most importantly she also has a full tummy and a happy meal toy that will get lost or thrown away.

Cami eating her chicken nuggets & fries

Y’all, Camila also eats just about everything except for fish. I don’t know why. She’s a really good eater and has always been.

She eats broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, also drinks my smoothies, & loves fruits.

Camila is healthy according to her doctor soooooooooo… please don’t say my child isn’t healthy.

Call me lazy but after having Ryan having the energy to prepare a meal for her and myself is exhausting. That’s not including the million other things that I need to do. I’m tired. Judge me. I don’t care(I did care a little that’s why I’m writing this in the first place). It’s my decision and she doesn’t mind one bit. She is happily “living her best life” as Daddy Sitch(Mike from Jersey Shore) would say.

Also some days I just need fries or nuggets to keep her quiet for 5 or 10 minutes…. just for my sanity. How else would I get some peace & quiet.

Unless you want to order food for me from amazon fresh so she has a healthy diet consistently, go ahead. I’m not stopping you. Go get me all the healthy foods to feed my kids. Or go ahead and do the grocery pickup and tell me what store to go to get it. (Okay I only added the grocery pickup because I just tried it for the first time and loved it).

Y’all, my kids have a balanced diet. They will probably always at some point have chicken nuggets with fries and that’s okay with me. My girl has tons of energy. I promise that her body is producing enough fuel for her to keep going like the energizer bunny.

Mr.Enegizer bunny is cute and has lots of energy

Raise your kids however you like. Just don’t tell me how to raise mines. (Yes, mines isn’t grammatically correct but that’s how I say it in real life; also that’s how I like to say it).

You want your kids to be vegetarian ?

Let’s go pick some veggies from the garden.

You want them to eat pescatarian ?

Let’s go fishing.

You want them to eat organic ?

Let’s get them organic food.

You want them to be cannibals ?

Let them eat humaaaaa…… lol just kidding.

The point is I’m here for it all. Girl feed your babes the way that you want. Just make sure they are FED.

The saying “Fed is Best” still applies, even after breastfeeding or formula feeding.

Let me say it again for the people in the back FED IS BEST !

Now Cami and I are going to keep on *inserts McDonald’s jingle here* lovin’ it and eat our chicken nuggets.

No, I hear you and your advice and will put it away unless some day my mind has changed.

We have energy to go on with our day after our chicken nuggets and fries.

Also if you find a McDonald’s with a working ice cream machine holla at ya girl.

XoXo, Ericka♥

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