November 1, 2019

Friday, November 1, 1991 the day you were born. 28 years later it is Friday, November 1, 2019.

Happy Birthday Babe.

This is the day someone special was born.

You’re 28.

We’ve celebrated 5 birthdays together.

And I ate your cupcakes on the first one. Hahaha.

It’s the thought that counts though.

You have so many people that love you and cherish you.

Since your 28 yrs old here’s 28 things I love about you:

  1. You are the best daddy to Camila & Ryan
  2. You also make the best homemade nachos
  3. I also love that you cook for us
  4. I love your passion for JiuJitsu
  5. I love that you married me… what were you thinking ? Lol
  6. I love that we can watch football together even though you are cheering for the wrong team
  7. I love that you are so supportive of my goals & dreams
  8. I love that we can train together sometimes (que Camila screaming)
  9. I love that you always grab a Reese’s bar at the checkout line
  10. I love that you have a great relationship with your family & mine
  11. I love that you cuddle me 24/7 even though I hate it and only want to be cuddled when I want.
  12. I am so very proud of the man you are
  13. Thank you for being such a good instagram husband lol
  14. I love that you help me around the house
  15. I love love love your facial hair… so don’t shave
  16. I love that you watch tv with me even though you hate most of my shows
  17. I especially love our quality time of sitting in the back drinking coffee and hot chocolate
  18. Thank you for putting up with the kids & myself
  19. I love that you hate when I tickle you
  20. I also love you legs
  21. I love the memory of our first date because you thought I stood you up
  22. I love that you gave me kids that are mini versions of us both
  23. I love the way you smell when you put on that Lacoste cologne
  24. I also love when you give me your T-shirts & sweaters to wear
  25. I love when you show me memes on Facebook & Instagram even though I’ve already seen them
  26. I love your big bear hugs
  27. I also love that you read my tweets and bring me cupcakes
  28. I love you and can’t wait to grow old together ♾

Happy Birthday Babe. Praying that you have the best year yet.

Go ahead and show some love to Matt by liking some of his pics and saying happy birthday, or leave him a comment here and I’ll show them to him.

Cant wait to celebrate with you tonight *wink wink*



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