Salon Worthy Hair

November 6, 2019

Y’all I have found the best dupe to for the Revlon hair dryer brush.

Thank me later but it is a MUST HAVE.

The price is absolutely amazing. AND you get salon like quality for a hair blowout.

I first got this because the Revlon one was $60 and mama is on a budget. Yes I could’ve got that one but I like to save where I can.

Hence the reason I went on Amazon to find the best dupe out there.

I looked at tons at reviews and prices and finally found the one that I decided was the best.

There was the Hair Dryer Brush that I needed in my life.

Hair Dryer Brush

I don’t have to dry my hair anymore then straighten it because this Hair Dryer Brush does it all. It gives me volume, sleek, shiny, perfect hair without using multiple tools to get salon worthy hair.

The price for this worthy amazon dupe is $22.99 but with tax it’s total is $25.97.

Such a steal.

Hair Dryer Brush Review & Tutorial

The Revlon Hair Dryer is $64.89. If you want to spend the money for the orginal one go ahead sis.

But if your like me and just want to save a few bucks get the dupe.

I went ahead and made my first YouTube video to go along with this post to show you the dupe.

Let me know if you end up buying it and let me know how much you love it in the comments.



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