Hello 28

November 24, 2019

Happy Birthday to you ! Happy Birthday to you ! Happy Birthday dear Mamaaaaaaa . Happy Birthday to you 🎶

I woke up to my husband, kids, & parents singing off key to me first thing in the morning. Lot of hugs and kisses.

I definitely felt so loved and appreciated yesterday. Not that I don’t feel that everyday but yesterday was special to my heart.

I’m officially 28 yes old and I don’t even feel like it. I still feel like I barely just had my quinceañera (the equivalent to a sweet 16).

My husband made me coffee the way I like it. And we also got into a small argument about the time and rushing to leave for belt promotions lol.

Is it even a birthday without a small argument ? I think not.

Our family why can’t u job rough uhm huuuhy

My Facebook & Instagram blew up with lots of messages wishing me a happy birthday. 🖤

I want to thank every one of you personally for thinking of me and taking a minute to message me and wish me a happy birthday. It means the world to me.

After promotions we went to BJ’s brewhouse and had lunch with my parents, Romeo, & Janette to celebrate not only my birthday but my dad’s & Romeo’s whose birthdays are on Monday and Tuesday.

We all got pizookies as our birthday treat. Basically a fresh hot cookie with ice cream on top.

I did groceries with my mom after lunch. Because we needed to fill the fridge and pantry. Still have to adult.

Later on in the evening we went to Bayou Jacks and met up with Chastity, Curtis, and the kids. Y’all they gifted me están Estée Lauder set of lipset.

Red scares me but we’ll post a selfie with the red on soon.

Can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me.

Anyways thank you so much again.

Love you all very much.

XoXo, Ericka♥

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